The Balurghat Law College has its own telephone connection with number. Internets along with allied computer facilities are also provided. The college provide separate boys and girls common room which may be used by the students for recreation, discussion etc..



The college has its N.S.S. Unit functioning since the inception of the college. Enrolment as volunteers to such unit is optional. The total number of students to be enrolled shall not exceed fifty. The aims and objectives of N.S.S. is to promote national consciousness and a sense of social responsibility and inculcate discipline and a sense of dignity or labour among students. The normal day of students enrolled for N.S.S. shall be to undertake the projects assigned to them on Sundays and other holidays. Altogether 25 such days will be utilized and students shall work for 6 hours a day. This will come up to 150 hours for each student during the term of time. Beside this, N.S.S. volunteers will participate in special camps where they will stay for about 10 days. This will be enabled the students to enjoy community life. At the end of the session, certificate will be issued to students on the basis of their performance.